Is the bike hire self-guided or guided?

This is self-guided only – we think it is a lot more fun if you have the freedom to choose which cellar doors you want to visit, set your own biking pace and where you stop for lunch.

We are a group of 8+ , can you do us an itinerary?

We are encouraged by the cellar doors to create an itinerary for groups as this means they know you are coming in advance and can organise for someone to be there to look after you as soon as you arrive.  The last thing you want is to turn up and find yourselves having to wait around to be served or be turned away because they are unable to host you.  We will work with you to create your itinerary and do all the cellar door bookings for you – this all comes free of charge – you just bring your whistle on the day!!😊

Do I need to book into the cellar doors ahead of time?

Not if there are less than 8 of you – you can just turn up.

I am not very fit. Do I have to bike a long way?

No, not at all – we have at least 7 cellar doors that are within 15 minutes gentle biking from our front gate and it’s all very flat around here, so no hill climbing.

Will I learn anything about wines as I go around?

Yes, the teams at the cellar doors are great in explaining about their wines, wine tasting in general and growing wine here in Marlborough – they love it when you ask questions.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, you absolutely do – it is a legal requirement here in NZ and has been for over 20+ years, and why would you not want to protect your head! 

If you are found riding without a helmet, it can be an instant $55.00 fine.

Do I need to ride on the road?

Yes and No – we do have bike paths and quiet roads, but depending on which cellar you choose to visit, there may be times when you need to ride on the main roads to get to them.

How many tastings am I likely to get at each cellar door?

Again, this varies.  Some offer 4, others can sometimes offer up to 8.

Where can I have lunch?

There is a selection of cellar doors that offer food, from gourmet dishes to simple platters – (link to lunch page)

What if it rains?

We run our bike hire regardless of the weather (as there are always folk who are not bothered by the rain), but we promise you, we never force our lovely bikers to go out if they don’t want to.  The beautiful thing about Renwick though is that the cellar doors are all incredibly close to each other (we are talking between 5-10 minutes gentle biking apart) so if you still want to go for it, you will find you are never out in the elements for long.

How far is it from Blenheim to Renwick?

It is a 12.5km (7.8 miles) trip by car, or 1 hour by bike – the speed limit on the roads out from Blenheim is 80km/hour and they have a very narrow shoulder on them, so not particularly conducive to riding a push bike on.  If you were to get a taxi out from Blenheim to Renwick, the price would be upwards of $50.00 each way!!


Is there a discount for bringing ourselves if we want to do the full 6-hour bike hire?

Sorry, but no. We will not encourage you to drink and drive by dropping the price.  You only need to get to 4 cellar doors to potentially be over the legal limit to drive and that is not hard to do in 6 hours.  Why not let us do the driving for you and use our pickup service 😊 :


Do you have e-bikes?

Sorry, we do not have these for hire – we are so lucky to have 7 cellar doors within 3km of our base, and 10 cellar doors within 5km, all on flat roads, so getting between them is incredibly easy.  Keeping our bikers safe is always our number one priority and as our core activity involves folk consuming alcohol, we are sure you would agree – alcohol and speed is not a good mix!!   

Can I bring my own bike?

To be honest, we would rather you didn’t – we are a bike hire company after all, but if you do, there is just a small admin fee of $10.00 p/p and this will cover parking, our detailed cellar door map, wine pickup and advice to help you plan your day (but please note, it does not include the pickup/drop off service or fixing your bike if something goes wrong with it.)

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